Bamboo scarf

Bamboo scarf

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Fabric material : bamboo
Scarf design : simple
Usage : everyday, Party



ارسال روسری زنانه برای هدیه – Bamboo scarf

Wash with laundry detergent. Do not use washing powder.
Fold on the line so that there is no need to iron. When ironing,
put the iron on the lowest possible heat.

    So Why scarf for gift?

  1. It is a good gift that will last. scarves will not wear out quickly and will last longer
  2. A gift that is practical is a good gift. scarves are practical gift for every woman.
  3. A perfect gift for fashionistas
  4. Scarves are unique in their own way, because there is a lot of variety in them.
  5. Gifts that can be accompanied by people are more lovely, scarves are good options.

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