Orlin Eaude toilette

Orlin Eaude toilette

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Volume : 100 ml
opening note : Black pepper, cinnamon, cedar wood and vetiver
final notemiddle note : Nutmeg, coriander seeds, patchouli and ginger
smell : bitter, Eastern, edible, Nature, Fast, hot
Aroma structure : Aromatic plants, soil and earth, spice, Wood



ارسال عطر به ایران – Orlin Eaude toilette:

We recommend This bitter and warm fragrance to you for cold winter days and the end of autumn.
Undoubtedly, buying Orlin Eaude toilette, which we consider among the oldest and most popular perfumes of the last century, will become a memorable memory.

First notes :

  • Black pepper has a spicy and hot smell and also adds excitement and energy to the smell of perfumes.
  • Cinnamon, which is mostly native to Sri Lanka, has a spicy, sweet and warm smell
  • The scent of cedar wood, with its spicy and sweet smell, relaxes and relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Vetiver grass is used in oriental perfumes.
  • middle notes

  • Nutmeg, the fruit of a tree with a pungent smell, strengthens the mind and also relieves anxiety and depression.
  • The patchouli plant with the name Indian mint from the plant family has a sweet and spicy smell similar to wood.
  • Ginger, apart from its medicinal and therapeutic properties, has a sour, fresh, warm, mysterious, tonic and slightly bitter smell.
  • Final notes

  • Sandalwood has a sweet smell and smelling it helps control inner emotions
  • Oak moss or oak tree moss grows at the base of an oak tree. This olfactory note adds the smell of humid and rain-soaked forests to the composition of perfumes
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