Eau perfume men’s smart

Eau perfume men’s smart

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Volume : 100 ml
opening note : Tangerine, pineapple, black currant, apple
final note : Vanilla, oak moss, amber, musk
middle note : Rose, jasmine, sycamore tree, patchouli
smell : cool
Aroma structure : Fruit, Aromatic plants, Wood, spice



ارسال عطر و ادکلن به ایران – Eau perfume men’s smart

Ontus cologne was launched in 2011. Eau perfume men’s smart is a masculine and very attractive perfume.
The most popular and best-selling product of Creed brand, has shown the dramatic spirit of war and peace in the most beautiful way.
The strange contrast and paradox of the masculine Ontus is the magic that draws everyone to it.
It has excellent spreading power and good durability, and it is suitable for young and middle-aged men.
It is a very fragrant, attractive, cool, citrusy, slightly spicy and slightly sweet fragrance.
This perfume, is undoubtedly one of the most popular scents in the world.
The magnificent scent of this perfume is suitable for men who like to be special.
As soon as it is sprayed, the scent of orange, black grape, pineapple and apple conquers the surrounding space.
In addition to attracting the attention of the people around,
this product also keeps the scent of this perfume even after you leave and everyone can feel it.
On the other hand, this scent seeks to create a sense of peace and freshness in people, because happy and lively people always go for such colognes.
A romantic feeling is also found in these perfumes.

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