Fountain Pen Ring Model

Fountain Pen Ring Model

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Dimensions : 135x10x15 mm
Weight : 30 grams
body structure : metal
How to charge ink : Tube
cross section : circle
The diameter of the text : M



ارسال هدیه به اراک مرکزی – Fountain Pen Ring Model

The combination of two colors, black and gold,
give it a simple and formal look. With this pen, you can write
for a long time with a writing instrument that has beauty, durability and quality.
Of course, choosing such a pen as a gift will also be a sign of your good taste.

Body color : semi-chrome black with yellow clip
The upper body of the pen is plated with chrome.
The body of the pen is very delicate
and also comfortable and designed with a balanced weight.
The clip of the pen is mounted on the body of the pen with a special delicacy and beauty,
and from the full cover of the body in the upper section of the pen,
it gradually becomes thinner and is directed downwards.

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