Europan fountain pen

Europan fountain pen

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Dimensions : 300x200x80 mm
Weight : 250 grams
body structure : metal
How to charge ink : cartridge
cross section : circle
The diameter of the text : M



ارسال هدیه به قزوین و تمامی شهرهای ایران – Europan fountain pen Ibn Sina’s model

This pen is decorated with the name of Ibn Sina,
who was a famous and influential Iranian and Islamic scientist, sage,
and philosopher who played a prominent role in the development of
medical science to the extent that his book also is
one of the most reliable sources even in modern medicine.
Each pen has a number. Uniquely produced, the numbers of the pens
are engraved on the bottom section of the pen body.
The unique number of the pens is mentioned on the notebook,
the circular metal plaque inside the box and the rectangular metal plaque outside the box,
which makes each Avicenna set (including pens, notebook, wooden box and cardboard wrapper)
into a single, united and It also becomes unique.

ارسال هدیه به قزوین, ارسال هدیه به ایران, ارسال گل و هدیه به تمام شهرهای ایران
ارسال هدیه و گل به قزوین و تمام نقاط ایران, سفارش هدیه از استرالیا برای ایران
ست خودنویس و روان نویس یوروپن مدل ابن سینا,
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