Europen Hafez Fountain Pen

Europen Hafez Fountain Pen

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Weight : 39 grams
body structure : metal
How to charge ink : manual
cross section : circle
The diameter of the text : M



ارسال هدیه به کیش و تمام شهرهای ایران – Europen Hafez Fountain Pen

This pen is packed in a very stylish wooden box,
which you can use as a gift to your friends and also yourloved ones.
It is– M writing diameter
Its body is metal and black,
and there is a unique serial number on each pen.

    Europen Hafez Fountain Pen Other Details :
  • Inspired by the tomb of Hafez Shirazi
  • With an exquisite gift box
  • Decorated with a unique serial number
  • Fountain Pen length with cap: 14.5 cm
  • Fountain Pen length with end cap: 17 cm
  • Fountain Pen length without cap: 12 cm
    Box specifications :

  • Has a polished piano cover with Hafez tomb pattern
  • With inner velvet lining
  • With a strong magnetic closure
  • Placed in a cardboard box for more protection
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 10 x 19 cm
  • Has an ink-free pump inside the body.

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