Rollerball Pen and Fountain Pen

Rollerball Pen and Fountain Pen

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Body Material : metal
type : Psychologist
tip type : bullet
Country of origin of the brand and product : United Kingdom



ست روان نویس و خودنویس – Europen RollerballPen and Fountain Pen

In the design of the body, it is inspired by Sama dance.
In this way, the upper and lower metal parts of the writing instrument
are designed in the shape of a hat and the twist of the body,
inspired by the rotation and robes of listeners.
This body is made of metal and therefore it is very durable.
The clip installed on the body of these two allows you to enjoy them
anytime and anywhere by carrying them in your pocket.
They are also together in an exquisite wooden box.
This box has a unique number indicating that it belongs to you.
An exquisite stationery set like the Mevlana Europen set is an exquisite
and lasting gift for the valuable and cultured people around you.

ست روان نویس و خودنویس, ارسال قلم به تمام شهرهای ایران
ارسال ست روان نویس خودنویس به تمام شهرهای ایران, ارسال هدیه به قسمت های مختلف ایران
ارسال هدیه به تمام نقاط ایران, سفارش هدیه از استرالیا برای ایران
RollerballPen and Fountain Pen set, Send pen to all cities of Iran,
Send Rollerball Pen and Fountain Pen set to all cities of Iran,
ordering gifts from Australia for Iran,

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