Atomic Habits book by James Clear

Atomic Habits book by James Clear

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Author : James Clare
Translator : Milad Bahoosh
Topic : Personal development and management of habits
Book classification : Motivation and success (philosophy and psychology)
age category : adult
number of pages : 231



Atomic Habits book by James Clear

This book In an interesting and smooth way,
it teaches us how to become one percent better every day
by recognizing small habits and managing them.
One percent improvement every day is equivalent to 37 times improvement in a year!
It is these small behaviors and habits that determine where we are
after 5 years and how successful or failed we are!
The basis of Atomic Habits book by James Clear is the author’s four-stage model
for habits, cue, desire, response and reward, and the four laws
of behavior change that evolve these stages.
Behavioral scientists like Skinner found that if you provide
the right reward or punishment, you can motivate people to act in a certain way.
In recent decades, scientists have begun to determine the relationship
between our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
Human behavior is constantly changing:
situation to situation, moment to moment, second to second.
But Atomic Habits book is about things that don’t change.
It is about the principles of human behavior.
Eternal principles you can rely on every year.
But Atomic Habits explains the best ways we know,
an approach that will work no matter where you’re starting or what you’re trying to change.

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