Mercury leather gift set

Mercury leather gift set


items : Gift wrapping
fabric material : natural leather
Maintenance : colorless wax



gift sets – Mercury leather gift set:

It seems, buying a leather gift set; It has become one of the most common and popular gifts.
You can use this beautiful set of leather accessories to give as a gift
to your fiance, husband, brother, father, acquaintances,
and teacher
on special days, because leather is one of the favorite accessories of everyone.
The gift set of full natural leather Croco consists of
a handbag, a checkbook bag and a key holder also.
One of the most important things of this gift sets is that no lining is used in any of the items.
And this whole set is 100% natural croco tanned leather in Atarod leather collection.
This soft natural leather with a thickness of about 1.5 mm is very high quality.
The dimensions of the handbag are 5x10x20 cm, which is very spacious,
the dimensions of the checkbook bag are 1x10x25 cm,
and the dimensions of the key holder are 2x8x11 cm.
We will send you the gift set of the Atarod leather collection
in the special packaging of the Atarod leather engraved on it, in the form of a seal.
The wooden packaging of Mercury leather gift sets with Atarod logo engraved on it is very suitable for gifting.

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black, Dark Brown, gray, Honey

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