Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus

Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus

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Author : John Gray
Translator : Ghadir Golkarian
number of pages : 292



mars men Venus women – Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus

The book Martian Men and Venusian Women is a work by John Gray,
which was first published in 1992. Once upon a time,
Martians and Venusians met, fell in love, and because they
respected each other’s differences and accepted these differences,
they established very happy and relaxing relationships.
Until they came to earth and forgetfulness did its job:
they forgot that they belong to different planets.
Based on years of experience in counseling individuals and couples,
this book has helped millions of couples around the world transform their relationships.
This exceptional book, now considered a modern classic,
has helped men and women realize how different they can be
from their opposite sex in terms of communication style, emotional needs,
and behavioral structures. The Martian Men and Venusian Women book
provides readers with the secrets of having a relationship
with peace and understanding and helps couples to give intimacy
and closeness in their relationship a second chance to grow.

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