Man’s Search For Meaning By Dr. Viktor Frankl

Man’s Search For Meaning By Dr. Viktor Frankl

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the writer : Dr. Viktor Frankl
Translator : Majid Amini
Topic : Meaning therapy and psychology
Book classification : Psychology (philosophy and psychology)
age category : all ages
number of pages : 138



Man’s Search for Meaning By Dr. Viktor Frankl

The first part contains his memories of his time in the Auschwitz concentration camp,
and the second part explains to us about logotherapy or meaning therapy,
which is Dr. Frankel’s specialized school.
The book Man’s Search for Meaning has only one goal and thought,
which has made this book one of the most important works of our time.
He believes that what causes despair and despair in man is actually
the result of man’s failure to find meaning and purpose for life
and sometimes not having a sense of responsibility in life.
In the forced labor camps, among all the sufferings he suffered together with others,
he found a meaning for his life, and this was the beginning of
discovering the knowledge of meaning therapy;
Despite all the humiliation, he was able to maintain his human values
​​and find his existence as a human being too valuable to allow to be wasted in the camp.
If you are looking for the purpose of your life,
Men’s Search For Meaning By Dr. Viktor Frankl will help you find it in this work.
Meaning therapy can be very useful for all people who are trapped in everyday life
and don’t know what their purpose in life is and what they should strive for.

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