Pink Heart Cake

Pink Heart Cake

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( **only Tehran and Karaj** )



Pink Heart Cake :

The heart shape of this cake and the roses on it allow you to express your romantic feelings,
to those you love and make your moments sweeter with the unique taste.
Also, due to the heart-shaped structure of this cake,  you can use it in various ceremonies and celebrations,
such as birthdays, engagements, or wedding anniversaries, as well as Valentine’s Day.
Pink Heart Cake is a simple but pleasant product in the category of special occasion cakes and is considered a suitable option for all kinds of celebrations such as birthdays or events such as engagements, weddings or wedding anniversaries. The visual attraction of this cake is due to the shiny pink layer of the original coating.
The flowers used to decorate this barang cake have brought beauty and deliciousness to this cake.

  • This heart cake can be used for celebrations and occasions
  • The delicious and unique taste of this special cake
  • Guaranteeing the quality and health of the cake
  • Saving your valuable time
  • One of the most delicious cakes because of the up-to-date and fresh ingredients
  • All Kickoff products are approved in terms of health
  • It is possible to order this romantic cake online for Valentine’s Day, love and friendship and..

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