Bluetooth handsfree inpods12 model

Bluetooth handsfree inpods12 model

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Connection type : wireless
Headphone battery life in conversation mode : 3 hours
battery life : 5 hours
Battery life of the charging compartment : 5 hours
Time required to charge the chamber : 1 hour
Headphone battery life in music playback mode : 2-3 hours



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InPods 12 Bluetooth headphones, have a stylish and beautiful design and have been released in several colors.
The structure of this headphone makes it easy to fit in the earand do not fall out of the ear.
And also it is a suitable option for listening to music and watching movies and games.
If you don’t have the experience of using Airpods, most likely this question has arisen in your mind,
do they really fit in the ears?
In fact, the design of these headphones is such that they remain fixed in the ear
and do not fall out of the ear during walking, running and normal and everyday movements;
But in Bluetooth handsfree inpods12 model, you have to adjust them in place every now and then, because they will loosen a little after a while.
Soft and quality plastic make The body of this product .
In addition to being anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint, it has a relatively good performance against impact.

Items with headphones : Charging cable, manual, power bank case
frequency response : 20 – 20,000 Hz
Headphone power supply : 3.7 volts
Transmitter power supply : 4.7 volts
Performance range : 10 meters
Acoustic type : half opener
Interface material : pvc

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Weight 30 g

black, blue, Green, pink, white, Yellow

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