Steel soufflé CTDK181020

Steel soufflé CTDK181020

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Dimensions : 51x26x15 cm
Weight :1380 grams
Material : Steel
Characteristics of containers : Can be used in a microwave oven
How to wash : Can be washed in a dishwasher



Send Gifts To Mashhad and all cities – Steel soufflé CTDK181020

A beautiful selection of tableware and tableware for your luxury parties.
There are many dishes for serving food. And they are increasing day by day.
Soufflé is one of them that has been a guest of dining tables for several years.
The advantage of these soufflés, in addition to their beauty, is keeping food warm.
You can even put a candle under it to keep the food warm for longer.
One of the most important concerns of every woman is serving dishes and serving them.
soufflé dishes are made of stainless steel, it has anti-magnetic stainless steel body.
The inner container of all these soufflé is Pyrex and unbreakable.
These Pyrex dishes are anti-radiation, it is suitable for use in microwave ovens, ovens and gas.
You can Send Gifts To Mashhad and all cities in Iran.
you can use Steel soufflé CTDK181020 to have beautiful serving dishes,
for your parties, ceremonies and parties, etc.
These dishes are suitable for serving foods such as chicken.
These features has caused that these dishes, in addition to having a beautiful appearance,
also have a high resistance and will not have problems with moisture.
also, warmer candles will be sent to the customer in package with this product.

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