Creed Ontos Eaude Perfume

Creed Ontos Eaude Perfume

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Volume : 100 ml
opening note : Tangerine, pineapple, black currant, apple
final note : Vanilla, oak moss, amber, musk
middle note : Rose, jasmine, sycamore tree, patchouli
smell : bitter, cool
Aroma structure : Fruit, Aromatic plants



Send Men’s Perfumes to Iran – Creed Ontos Eaude Perfume

This perfume is a masculine and best-selling  perfume,
it means success in the word and it is somehow attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte.
This perfume was released to the perfume and cologne market in 2011.
This new perfume, Creed Ontos Eaude Perfume, uses the dramatic spirit mixed with war and peace while being fresh and lively and dignified and imposing.
It has shown the life of Emperor Napoleon as beautifully as possible in a royal and also completely royal format.
The strange contradiction and paradox inside this magic glass pulls everyone towards him to show everyone what a stunning power he has with him.
It is an exceptional and extraordinary and also extremely long-lasting product with a unique smell
and a completely stylish and long-lasting and classic scent for young
and also middle-aged men which he royal Creed brand introduce to everyone in 2011
The perfume simulates the life of Napoleon Bonaparte and represents a man whose ambitions have no limits.
A legendary and inspiring man who changes the face of the world.
It has a very good and different smell, excellent in one word


First notes: bergamot, pineapple, black currant, apple
Middle notes: rose, jasmine, oak wood, patchouli
Base notes: vanilla, oak moss, amber, musk

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