Eaude Parfum Model Y

Eaude Parfum Model Y

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Volume : 100 ml
opening note : Apple, bergamot, ginger
final note : Wood notes, vetiver, tonka
middle note : Sage, geranium, juniper
smell : Tang, cool
Aroma structure : Fruit, spice, Wood, Aromatic plants



send perfume to iran – Eaude Parfum Model Y:

Men who are always fragrant and well-dressed, just need to smell this unique perfume,Eaude Parfum Model Y, once.
These colognes are similar to the original cologne with a quality very close to the dispersion and durability of the manufacturer,
and the box and packaging are exactly the same as the original cologne and also sealed without the slightest change.
It will be produced and presented to you in the UAE with exemplary quality with fully automatic machines and also with the best perfumes.
Y is actually the first letter of the first name of the founder of this brand, Yves,
and in the design of the glass, they tried to remain faithful to the aesthetic identity of Monsieur Saint Laurent.
This perfume shows a sense of youth and it can be said that it was launched with the aim of attracting younger audiences.
By the way, it might be interesting to know that the Yves Saint Laurent brand
had produced a women’s perfume with this name in 1964,
and now after all this time, the men’s version has arrived.
This rectangular cube is also continued.
The light blue color of this perfume somehow indicates its simplicity and at the same time, its modernity.

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