Dior Eaude Parfum PFDKMissDior

Dior Eaude Parfum PFDKMissDior

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Volume : 100 ml
opening note : mandarin orange
final note : Patchouli, musk
middle note : Jasmine, rose
smell : Sweet, hot, Flower
Aroma structure : Flower



Send women’s Perfumes to Iran – Dior Eaude Parfum PFDKMissDior:

It is Sweet and suitable for spring and autumn.
the charming scent of the rose of Grace shows itself more than the symbol of love.
This perfume is for young, stylish and lively women who have fallen in love.
Miss Dior, which has a romantic nature, originates from passionate and energetic love.
Beauty shows the principle of seeking pleasure in life in today’s young women.
This perfume reflects concepts such as freedom and seduction,
and its captivating and alluring charm has given it a special effect.
This blend starts with the lively attraction of fresh, fruity and citrus notes
and then reaches the blossoming floral notes.
Then we reach the elegant and special patchouli note,
before the musk note is engraved in your memory as the last trace of this perfume.
Dior Eaude Parfum PFDKMissDior fragrance begins with a hint of orange, lemon, tangerine, bergamot
and blood orange with pink pepper, and in its heart,
a garden full of Grasse roses, Damascus roses and jasmine leaves Hidden.
The final notes of this fragrance are a combination of Indian mint and purple rosewood.
The silver ribbon, which is tied in the shape of a bow around the neck of the bottle, doubles its beauty.

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