The Magic Book by Rhonda Byrne

The Magic Book by Rhonda Byrne

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the writer : Rhonda Byrne
Translator : Raheel Saidi
publisher : Contemporary call
Topic : Success and individual social development
Book classification : Motivation and success (philosophy and psychology)
number of pages : 128



The Magic Book by Rhonda Byrne

This book is one of the best and best-selling books that can completely transform your life.
In this book, Randa Byrne, the famous author of The Secret Book,
teaches you how to transform your life using 28-day gratitude exercises.
And be more grateful and satisfied in life and invite peace into your life.
Most of the people never thank God for the blessings
they have in their lives and they don’t know what miracles happen
in their lives when they thank God for His blessings.
In The Magic Book by Rhonda Byrne There are 28 days of gratitude practice
specifically designed to teach you how to harness the power of gratitude
to improve your health, money, career, and relationships,
and make your smallest desires and biggest wishes come true.
join the truth The interesting point here is that you will undoubtedly see
the results and changes simultaneously with the exercises and be surprised.
You will also learn how to solve your problems and change
any negative situation by reading The Magic Book by Rhonda Byrne.
You will be fascinated as you read this life changing knowledge.
These exercises are designed to be performed over 28 consecutive days,
allowing you to make gratitude a way of life.

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